Afrikanda (WW-II)

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67°26'13"N 032°50'11"E

runway: unknown (flying field?) - surface

Afrikanda air field was an airfield 165km/100mi south of Murmansk, Russia
The airfield was built in the early 1940s by the Red Army. During the war it was used for secret operations, delivery flights of western aircraft to Russia, and refuelling and repair of allied aircraft. The airfield consisted of 3 main parts:
The logistics and barracks site, 4 kilometers east of the village of Afrikanda.
The airfield, east of the barracks.
The winter airfield, on the Khabozerskaya Guba lake.

Airacobra I aircraft of 19 GIAP (photo from Artem Drabkin collection, via

Luftwaffe aerial photo of Afrikanda, May 1942. Many more Luftwaffe photos of the airfield can be viewed at

Afrikanda was used by the 19th Guards IAP (Bell Airacobra and P-40 Kitthawk). Additionally it was used by RAF HP Hampdens and Hurricanes. The airfield was bombed on several occasions by the Luftwaffe.
It closed a few years after the war, when a new Afrikanda airfield was built just across the road. The airfield is still recognisable, both on the ground and from aerial photography. Most of its logistics facilities were transferred to the new airfield.

The World War II Afrikanda airfield in 2010.