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50°21'52"N 003°27'41"E

runway: flying field - 550x350m - grass

Air field Aubry was a German airfield 40 kilometers southeast of Lille and 6 kilometers northwest of Valenciennes in France.
The airfield was built during World War I, and consisted of a flying field and 6 canvas tent hangars, 2 on the north side and 4 on the northeast side. It was located immediately southwest of the Chateau de Malplaquet south of the village Aubry (todays Aubry-du-Hainaut).

1918 British Field Survey map of the airstrip as found at Mc Master University, Canada (

Other than its existence on a map made in 1918 not much is known about the airfield. There are no known remains.

Aerial photo of the area in 2004, with the airfield and its hangars approximate outlines (Google Earth)