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Updated on: 25 03 2018
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51°10'51"N 005°13'14"E

Runway: 07/25 - 1000meters/3,280feet - Grass

Airfield Balen/Keiheuvel (Dutch: vliegveld Balen/Keiheuvel, ICAO: EBKH) is a small GA airfield 70 kilometer northeast of Brussels. It is a public airfield founded in 1956 and home base of the Royal Aeroclub Keiheuvel, with both motorised and glider aircraft.
As with most recreational airields in Belgium flying into this airfield is strictly PPR (Prior Permission Required).

Balen-Keiheuvel as seen on Google Maps.

A former Belgische Luchtmacht/Force Aérienne Belge F-84F Thunderstreak stands preserved next to the runway, while a lone motorglider is flying the last circuits of the day (24 March 2018, RonaldV)  

Thanks to Bjorn Claes from Belgium for correcting me on the location of the airfield!