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54°01'50"N 012°14'51"E

Runway: 05/23 - 300x10m - concrete

Bandelstorf air strip was an agricultural airstrip 158kilometer northwest of Berlin, Germany.
It was built and used by state run aviation company Interflug of the German Democratic Republic or East-Germany.
The airstrip was very basic and consisted of no more than a conrete runway and a small (20x20m) platform at the northern end of the runway.

No photos of the airstrip wile in use were found

The airstrip possibly stopped being used after the unification of the two Germanies. By 2001 it was only photographed being used to temporarily store crops.

Bandelstorf in 2001 (Google Earth).

Bandelstord had not changed when this picture was taken in September 2013 (Google Earth)