Bény-sur-Mer (B.4)

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49°17'54"N 000°25'34"W

Runway: 18/36 - 1200x40meters/...feet - wire-mesh

Air field Bény-sur-Mer (french: Aérodrome de Bény-sur-Mer, also known as Advanced Landing Ground (ALG) B.4) was an Allied temporary invasion airfield in Normandy, France.
The airfield was completed on 15 June 1944, only 10 days after the initial invasion. Soon after the airfield began seeing use by the RCAF's 401, 411 and 412Sqn) and RAF's 35 Recce Wing (2 and 268Sqn), 136 Wing(263Sqn) and 146 Wing(193,197,257,266Sqn), flying Typhoons and Spitfires. The units were tasked with close air support and reconnaissance, and were to be based as close to the frontline as possible. This maximised their effectiveness, because they would not have to use too much time transitting to and from their bases.

ALG B.4 Bény-sur-Mer in 1944

412Sqn Spitfires at Bény-sur_Mer, summer 1944

The units flew out to newer ALGs in early August. 411Sqn left on 8 Aug 1944 for B.18 Cristot. The airfield closed shortly after, and the grounds were returned to their normal agricultural use. Today, nothing remains of the former airfield. Only a small monument reminds us of the existence of the once very important airfield.

Bény-sur-Mer in the summer of 2006. Not a trace to be found in aerial photography (Google Earth)