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50°24'51"N 006°16'37"E

Runway 12/30 - 300meters - Grass

Büllingen Airfield (German: Flugplatz Büllingen, ICAO EBBN) is a small airfield 140 kilometer southeast of Brussels.
It is located near Elsenborn Air Base in the German speaking region of Belgium. 
In 1979 the airfield began as the location where the local model flying club "Feuervogel" (Firebird) flew it's model aircraft. In the 1990s the club was allowed to expand the field into a joint RC-model flying and Ultralight airfield. Today the airfield has two hangars -housing some 20 ultralight aircraft- and a clubhouse/bar.

Bülllingen airfield photographed from the west (source)

Approach map of Büllingen airfield (source), the red lines show the no-fly areas