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43°33'55.10"N 1°29'39.76"W

Runway: 03/21 1260m X 35m Asphalt.

Boucau-Tarnos airfield was a private airfield 650 kilometers southwest of Paris. (ICAO: LF0422)

Nothing about the origins was found during our historical research, not even a little history of this aerodrome. Theonly thing we found is that it was a private aerodrome

The first trace of this aerodrome dates from 1965 photography where an asphalt runway of about 300m is visible on the beach (


In this 1974 aerial photo the runway appeared to have been lengthened to about 600m and a turn-around snowshoe was added to the north of the runway (


1989 - The runway was visibly lengthened to 1260m (


2002 - The runway seems abandoned (

Today, the runway is still visible but no longer used.


(Research by Olivier)