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40°41'00"N 017°51'25"E

Runway: 18/36 - 1000x90meters/1100x95feet - dirt (CLOSED)

Air field Brindisi-Caputi was an airfield under construction 5.5 miles northwest of Brindisi, Italy.
It was likely to serve as an emergency auxiliary for one of Brindisis airfields. The existence of the airfield was first reported on 10 August 1943 by USAAF planners assessing the possibilities of USAAF/Allied usage of airfields in Southern Italy. They described the airfield as:
"The N end is approx 100 yds from the shore. The L/A consists of a narrow strip (still under construction) measuring at present - N-S 110yds E-W 95yds. Could be extended in any direction except the N. A stream appears to have been filled in where it crosses the landing strip. 2 groups of buildings could be utilized, one 400yds to the E, and the other 900yds to SSW (Caputi)."
No aircraft had been visible at the airfield until 3 Aug 1943, and its status was described as "under construction".
I have been unable to trace if the Allies ever completed the airfield for usage.

(USAAF/AFHRC, via Reid Waltman)

Map of the landing ground relative to the other two Brindisi airfields (USAAF/AFHRC, via Reid Waltman)

1943 reconnaissance photo of the landing ground, with its outlines slightly offset to the west, as the runway is clearly visible in another shade of grey (USAAF/AFHRC, via Reid Waltman)

Today the airfield has been returned to agricultural use. There are no visible traces left on aerial photography such as Google Earth.

The location of Caputi landing ground in 2008 (Google Earth)