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48°04'39"N 003°42'45"E

Runway:  01/19 - 1600x30m - Asphalt

Chailley airfield (French: aèrodrome de Chailley) was a small private airfield 130 kilometers southeast of Paris.
The airfield and its 1250 meter runway  were built in 1985 to support the local factory. When the factory went bankrupt in 2001, the airfield closed along with it.

The airfield under construction in July 1985. During its built, the airfield was to have a short runway (IGN, via Géoportail).

Less than 10 years after opening, the runway had been lengthened, as is shown in this  May 1995 photo (IGN, via Géoportail)

2000, the final year in operation (IGN. via Géoportail).

The airfield was closed for about a year when this photo was taken in July 2002 (IGN, via Géoportail).

The airfield in 2013 (Google Earth)

Although the large cross visible on the track clearly shows the airfield is closed, it appears it is still used.

(Researched by Olivier)