Condé sur Noireau

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48°53'26.43"N 0°30'12.77"W

Runway: 09/27 - 700x60m - Grass

Condé sur Noireau was a private airfield 210km west of Paris. (ICAO: LFAN)
The airfield was officially opened on June 29, 1970.

1971 - Aerial view of the airfield one year after the opening. (


1979 - Nothing has changed since the creation of the aerodrome. (


1982 - Landing chart of Condé sur noireau airfield. (Olivier via SIA)


1998 - Aerial view one year before the closing of the airfield. The marks which delimit the runway have partially disappeared (

The airfield was forced to close in 1999 because the owner of the land wanted not to renew the rental lease. The aeroclub of Condé merged with the aeroclub of Flers, which allowed the student pilots to continue flying.

2000 - Aerial view one years after the airfield was closed. (

No markings remains visible. Only the hangar suggests an aerodrome once existed here. A large empty field replaced the runway and its taxiway.


(Research by Olivier)