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43°56'15"N 003°54'54"E

Runway: 07/25 - 600x60m - gravel

Conqueyrac airfield was a small airfield 550 kilometers south of Paris. 
It does not have a very exciting story. The airfield was created in 1971 by one Mr Meyer, a former military aviator.

1982 aerodrome chart of the airfield (SIA, via Olivier) 

Today, the land belongs to the brothers Prémontrais de la Gardiole. A private association of St Hippolyte du Fort is running a project to
rebuild a Blériot aeroplane and fly it in this field.

1992 - An official decree of 26 June 1992 definitively closing all air traffic at the Conqueyrac airfield.

The former airfield in 2012. (Google earth)

(Research by Olivier)