Fels am Wagram

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48°26'4"N 015°48'4"E

Runway: grass flying field

Fels am Wagram airfield (german: Einsatzhafen Fels am Wagram, codenamed "Garonne") was an airfield 48 kilometers northwest of Vienna.
The airfield was built by the Luftwaffe after the annexation of Austria at the beginning of World War II. It featured a large grass flying field with only one large hangar. It served as a satellite airfield for Markersdorf and was taken into service by the Fliegerausbildungsregiment 72 (FAR72), who used it between 1939 and 1940. 
Although it was largely grass with only one hangar, Fels am Wagram was one of the most important Luftwaffe airfields in Austria. When the Allied bombers bagan to attack the Reich from the south, the airfield got a central role in the defense of the Mazis, operating both day and night fighters. 

Stationed at the airfield were:
I./JG27 between August 1943 and June 1944, operating Bf-109Gs
II./JG27 in December 1943 and again between June and August 1944, operating Bf-109Gs
Stab/JG27 between February 1944 and April 1944, operating Bf-109Gs
7./ZG26 in May and June 1944, operating Me 410 'Hornisse' (Hornet) 
7./JG108 from January till March 1945, operating Bf-109Gs
8./JG108 from January till March 1945, operating Bf-109Gs
6./JG108 in February and March 1945, operating Bf-109Gs
II./JG51 in March and April 1945, operating Bf-109Gs
II./JG52 in April 1945, operating Bf-109Gs

Engineers can be seen working on Bf-109G-6 "Gelb 4" of 3./JG 27 at Fels am Wagram in August 1944 (Bundesarchiv via Michulec 1998b, p. 80. by Marc-André Haldimann, on Flickr).

Multiple Bf-109G-6 of 3./JG 27 at Fels am Wagram, early 1944. Notice the large hangar in the background (collection Rupp via Prien and Rodeike 1995, p. 87. by Marc-André Haldimann, on Flickr)

Colour photo of Uffz. Heinz Zimmermann's Bf-109G-6/AS "Gelb 2" of 6./JG 27 at Fels am Wagram in August 1944 (Flugzeug Profile 44, Bf 109 G-K, p. 25, by Marc-André Haldimann on Flickr)

Severely damaged Bf-109G-6 of Fw. Mueller of II./JG 27 at Fels am Wagram in August 1944. (allaircraftsimulations.com, by Marc-André Haldimann, on Flickr)

The airfield was conquered by the Red Army on 3 May 1945. Since, all the remnants of the former Luftwaffe airfield have disappeared.

Bf-109G-10 "Schwarze 6"of 6./JG 51, Fels am Wagram, in May 1945 after the Red Army had overrun the airfield (Veteran collection by Marc-André Haldimann, on Flickr).