Flugplatz Hemiksem

Validation date: 26 01 2011
Updated on: 03 03 2013
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51°08'59"N 004°21'54"E

Runway: N/A

Flugplatz Hemiksem (Dutch: vliegveld Hemiksem), was a decoy (fake) airfield near Hemiksem, south of Antwerp in the province of Antwerp, Belgium.
It was built by the Luftwaffe during World War II. Although decoy airfields (intended to distract allied air attacks away from their intended targets) are not normally a subject on this site, I've chosen to add this particular one. Reasons are twofold:
First, it is often claimed to have been a real airfield. Second, (according to Nikko Yaginuma from Belgium) this installation looked so much like the real thing it even fooled a Luftwaffe Dornier crew based at Deurne airfield. As the 'landing ground' was totally unsuitable to actually land on, they completely wrecked their aircraft, but still managed to walk away.
The only surviving 'building' is a small concrete bunker.