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55°09'05"N 024°47'36"E

Runway: 09/27 - 400x20m - asphalt

Girgždžiai airfield (Girgždžiai aerodromas) was an airfield 60km northwest of Vilnius.

The airfield was built by order of the Lithuanian SSR (a state within the Soviet Union) Council of Ministers in the 1975-1985 timeframe.
It was used for agricultural activities by state-run Aeroflot. It consisted of a small runway, taxiways and three platforms to the north of the runway. After Lithuanian independence the airfield was abandoned.
No photos or maps of the airfield while in use have been located
Aerial photography of the airfield (Google Earth) shows the infrastructure has trees and shrubs growing all around the edges of the asphalt. Photography also hows a building without a roof at the central platform. The airfield is abandoned and therefore officially closed to all traffic.

Photo of the airfield taken at the end of 2004 (Google Earth)

The airfield more than ten years later, in 2017 (Google Earth).