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53°59'40"N 012°42'30"E

Runway: 07/25 - 2360x80meters - grass (CLOSED)

Gnoien-Warbelow airfield (german: Feldflugplatz Gnoien-Warbelow) was a manoeuvre airfield 170 kilometers north-northwest of Berlin. 
It was built as a former East-German wartime dispersal airfield just north of the town of Gnoien for the NVA LSK/LV Jagdgeschwader 2 (JG-2, 1. Staffel) "Juri Gagarin", stationed at Neubrandenburg/Trollenhagen. The airfield was built in 1970, and the first aircraft (a Yak) landed there in 1971, followed by the first jet (a MiG) in 1972. 
The airfield was the scene of a collision between two MiG-21s in September 1980.
Su-22s of the Marinefliegergeschwader 28 (MFG-28) also frequented the airfield in the 1980s during training.

MFG-28 Su-22 'Fitters' at Feldflugplatz Gnoien-Warbelow somewhere in the 1980s.

A MFG-28 Su-22 'Fitter' during takeoff at Feldflugplatz Gnoien-Warbelow somewhere in the 1980s.

The airfield required little camouflage, as it was just a grass field, with only three concrete platforms: one on either end of the runway to hold short, and one parking. North of the parking platform some concrete dispersals were hidden near a small forest.

former Feldflugplatz Gnoien-Warbelow in 2000 (Google Earth)

Today the property is no longer an airfield. The German army currently uses it as an exercise grounds for one of its SAM batteries, a Patriot battery of Flakgruppe 21.

former Feldflugplatz Gnoien-Warbelow in 2009 (Google Earth)