Groß Mohrdorf

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54°23'01"N 012°54'34"E

Runway: 13/31 - 2350x44m - concrete

Gross Mohrdorf airfield (german: Feldflugplatz Groß Mohrdorf, Russian: Грос-Мордорф) was an airfield 210 kilometers north of Berlin.
Built by the German Democratic Republic in the 1967-1974 timeframe, it was a reserve NVA LSK (Nationale Volksarmee Luftstreitkräfte, or East-German National Peoples Army Air Force) dispersed airbase (a.k.a. Feldflugplatz) for Jagdgeschwader (Fighter Wing) JG-9 'Karlshagen' stationed at Peenemünde, and in 1989/1990 it was under reconstruction to have a concrete runway, so it could serve as a base for the Sukhoi Su-22 fighter-bombers of the new Marinefliegergeschwader (Naval Air Wing) MFG-28 from 1992.

Groß Mohldorf while it was under reonstruction in the late 1980s (

After the Berlin Wall fell and the two Germanies were united, the project was ultimately not completed. The site was abandoned. Around 2010 a small solarvoltaic site was erected on the site of what was formerly the support camp. The existing buildings were demolished to make room for the solar panels.

Groß Mohrdorf in 2001. Although it had been abandoned 12 years prior, the airfield was still reasonably complete, with a small suppport site near the main platform (Google Earth).

Groß Mohrdorf in 2007 (Google Earth)

The control tower in 2009 (Sieg Major on Panoramio)

Groß Mohrdorf in 2013. Clearly visible is the photovoltaic plant, which replaced the derelict logistics site (Google Earth).

Groß Mohrdorf in 2013 (Google Earth)