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Updated on: 15 04 2017
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51°18'16"N 004°23'19"E

Runway: 15/33 - 585x10meters - Grass

Airfield Hoevenen (Dutch: vliegveld Hoevenen, ICAO: EBHN), is a small general aviation airfield along the A12 motorway just north of Antwerp, Belgium.
The airfield is located just outside the Antwerp CTR, allowing parajumping and operations with ultralight aircraft. It has a grass runway, some hangars and a clubhouse.
The airfield was discribed by somebody at Google Sites as:
A ca. 700meters long and narrow strip of grass with the landingstrip diagonally across it.
A true no-nonsense field, just what is needed and nothing more.
No reply to the radio but everybody in the circuit calls his intentions.
It works perfectly and allows the airport manager to work on more important issues, such as cutting the grass.
After having put €5,- in an envelope a nice terrace awaits.

Attention!! Apple pie (dutch: appelgebak) means warm apple pie+icecream+whipcream+a piece of apple for a landing fee. This airfield is highly recommended in summer!

Hoevenen airfield, the runway lies between the white markers (indicated by red arrows).