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53°37'16"N 001°49'54"W

runway: 07/25 - 750m/2461ft - asphalt & grass

Huddersfield airfield (also known as Crosland Moor airfield, ICAO: EGND) is a small private airfield 260 kilometers north-northwest of London.
The airfield was established as a general aviation airfield in 1947. It was owned by Sir David Brown, one time owner of shipbuilders Vosper Thornycroft and automobile manufacturer Aston Martin. Today, the airfield is run by former professional motorcycle road racer James Whitham. Using the airfield can be tricky as it has a slight downslope on the asphalt part of the runway when coming from 07. When landing on 25 turbulence may occur over the quarry to the north and east of the airfield.

Aerial view of Huddersfield Crosland Moor Airfield in 2007 (Flickr).