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54°27'18"N 005°27'57"W

Runway:  04/22 - 1189x46m - asphalt
Runway:  10/28 - 1061x46m - asphalt
Runway:  16/34 - 914x46m - asphalt

Kirkistown airfield was an airfield 34 kilometers southeast of Belfast.
It opened in 1941 and served as a satellite to Ballyhalbert. On 22 January 1942, 504 Sqn moved to Kirkistown.
From 1945, Kirkistown was used by the Royal Navy.

Kirkistown on 26 October 1942 (

After the war ended, Kirkistown Airfield was commissioned as HMS Corncrake II, on 17 July 1945. Over time, the airfield was used by 

808 Naval Air Squadron
818 Naval Air Squadron
835 Naval Air Squadron
881 Naval Air Squadron
885 Naval Air Squadron
887 Naval Air Squadron
No.1493 (Fighter) Gunnery Flight
No.1493 (TT) Flight
The airfield was closed in November 1945.

Kirkistown, presumably after the Royal Navy had abandoned the airfield, as the runways are all markes with large X's, indicating the airfield is closed.  

Since at least 1960, the site is home to Kirkistown Circuit, a regular racing circuit for cars, karts and motorcycles. The circuit utilises the northern parts of the former air base's runways and perimeter roadways.

Present day Kirkistown circuit in 2014 (Photo: