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53°53'28"N 010°43'17"E

Flying field: 0000x00m - grass

Lübeck-Karlshof airfield was an airfield 70 kilometers northeast of Hamburg
The airfield was built in 1912. That year the airships LZ 11 "Viktoria Luise" and LZ 13 Hansa landed at the airfield. In 1913 a navigation flight for powered aircraft to Schwerin and Weimar was flown. The airfield was transferred to the military in 1914.

After the opening of the new Lübeck-Blankensee airfield in 1917 all movements slowly moved to the new airfield. Lübeck-Karlsdorf ultimately closed in 1919. Today, nothing reminds of the former airfield, which was located at what are now sportsfields. Only the local streetnames reflect the aviation heritage of the area. Streets have been named after aviation pioneers, for example Dornierstraße, Eckenerstraße, Zeppelinstraße and Lilienthalstraße.