Ludwigslust East (forward airfield)

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53°18'54"N 011°32'49"E

Runway: 03/21 - 2500meters/...feet - sod

Air field name was a (wartime) emergency airbase airfield 100 kilometers east of Hamburg, Germany.
The airfield was built during the cold war by the Soviet military
It consisted of a single semi-prepared runway.
Possibly it made use of the facilities of the former Fliegerhorst Ludwigslust, only 2 kilometers to the south.

I could not find any reference to the Soviets or East German Air Forces using the airfield.
The airfield was closed after the German Reunification in 1990.
Even today (2011) the former runway is easily identifyable from aerial photography.

The former emergency airfield Ludwigslust in 2000, showing the runway and dispersals to its south side (Google Earth)