Luftschiffhafen Königsberg

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54°44'16"N 020°27'48"E

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Airship port Königsberg (German: Luftshiffhafen Königsberg) was an airfield to the north of Königsberg, todays Kaliningrad.
The airfield opened in 1910 in what was then East-Prussia, Gemany. It consisted of a takeoff and landing field and a large hangar of 175meter length and a height of 30 meter. It is not known when the airship port closed, nor when the hangar was taken down.

Königsberg hangar shown from the air side (Wikipedia).

Königsberg airship hangar shown from the road side (

Map of the location of the airfield and aerial photo of the hangar. The text over the thumbnail says 'Ehem. Luftschifferkas.', translating into 'Frmr Airship Brks'. The word 'barracks' indicates the field served a military purpose, and was therefore demolished after the Treaty of Versailles. The word 'former' suggests the photo was taken after 1919 (

Today the area is built over by urbanisation of Kaliningrad. The location can still be found though. The smaller building to the right of the hangar in the photo above still exists. It now serves as a residential building and is located in Borzov Street, Kaliningrad.

The sole remaining building of Luftschiffhafen Königsberg in 2010 (

The location of the Luftschiffhafen in 2010 (Google Earth)