Malden (gliderfield)

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51°47'07"N 005°52'51"E

runway 11/29 - 1250meter - Grass
runway 03/21 - 950 meter - Grass

Glider airfield Malden (Dutch: Zweefvliegveld Malden) is situated in the forest between the towns of Malden and Groesbeek and the city of Nijmegen airfield solely intended for gliders. It was founded along with the Nijmegen Aeroclub in 1954.

Malden has two grass runways. The airfield is used exclusively (motor-)glider flying, although it had an emergency dispersal role during the Cold War. Alouette III observation helicopters of the Groep Lichte Vliegtuigen were intended to use the airfield in case the Cold War would turn 'hot'.

Glider field Malden in 2009 (Google Earth)