Montreuil (A-38)

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48°05'29"N 000°11'16"E
runway: 18/36 - 1542x37m/5000x120ft - 3600ft PB+/1400ft compacted earth
Montreuil airfield (Advanced Landing Ground A-38, also known as Aèrodrome de Neuville-sur-Sarthe) was an Allied wartime airfield 180 kilometers southwest of Paris.
The airfield was built between 17 August and 4 September 1944 by 820 Engineer Aviation Battalion. It was temporary home to 363 Tact Reconnaissance Group, flying photo-reconnaissance Mustangs.
380FS (160 TRS), coded A9, was stationed here between 9 September and 11 October.
381FS (161 TRS), coded B3, was stationed here between 11 September and 2 October.
382FS (162 TRS), coded C3, was stationed here between 13 September and 24 September.

Map of Montreuil airfield as it was in 1944
After 363 Reconnaissance Group left, the airfield was abandoned on 5 October and returned to agricultural use. Nothing remains of the former airfield.

The location of Montreuil airfield in 2005 (Google Maps)