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41°24'47"N 015°54'40"E

runway: n/a - flying field - grass

Morin airfield (aerodroma di Morin, also known as La Vangelese and -incorrectly- Lupara) was an airfield 15 kilometers north of Cerignola.
It was built by the Royal Italian Air Force (Regia Aeronautica) as part of the Foggia Airfield Complex, a series of World War II military airfields located within a 25 mile (40 km) radius of Foggia. Like most of the airfields of the Foggia Airfield Complex, it was probably used during the Italian offensive against Albania and Greece.

1943 Allied reconnaissance photo of Morin (National Archives, UK, via Tommaso Palermo)

The airfield was photographed by Allied reconnaissance aircraft on 15 August 1943. At the time only four aircraft were visible. The aircraft resemble Heinkel 101s, suggesting the airfield was in use by the Luftwaffe at the time. The airfield was captured by Allied forces along with the rest of the region.

RAF reconnaissance photo, showing the airfield north of the canal. Lupara airfield actually is located some 3 kilometers to the south (via Michael Seager Thomas).

crop and enlargement of above photo, with the four aircraft marked in red.

It is not known what happened to the airfield after the Allies captured it. It was possibly immediately returned to agricultural use. Today nothing visible remains of the airfield.

The location of the former airfield in 2005 (Google Earth)