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Updated on: 18 10 2020
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59°23'26"N 028°06'15"E

Runway: 09/27 - 600x50m - grass

Narva Airfield (Estonian: Narva lennuväli, Russian: Аэродром Ольгино, also known as Narva-Olgina airfield, ICAO: EENA) is a small airfield 190 kilometers east of Talinn.
It is Estonias easternmost airfield, very close to the border with Russia, at its closest only 3.5 kilometer to the northeast.
On 12 July 2010, it was the location where Estonian pilot, aircraft builder and all-round aviationenthousiast Kalju Käi (1951-2010) lost his life when his glider crashed.

Although small, the airfield is certainly still being used, as witnessed by the two aircraft at the platform.


2014 - drone flight over the airfield (Gulliver pub's Youtube channel)