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51°40'59"N 5°32'57"E

Runway: 28/10 - 1000m - grass

Glider site Nistelrode is situated near the town of Nistelrode in Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands.
The site is owned by the Aeroclub Nistelrode and was opened in 1972 by the then-mayor of Nistelrode, Mr. Van Oosterhout, by flying in a glider from Volkel Air Base in bad weather to the new site. The flight symbolised the move of the Uden Gliderclub (Zweefvliegclub Uden) to the new site after Volkel became home to the Tactical Air Force of the Royal Netherlands Air Force in 1970.
To facilitate the move, the Nistelrode family Van Leeuwen set up the BV Glide (Glide Ltd) who developed the terrain and built a hangar. The users of the airfield united as the Aeroclub Nistelrode in 1970.

Unfortunately, the relationship between BV Glide and Aeroclub Nistelrode was strained, resulting in the club seeking permission to take over the lease on the premises from Glide. At times, the conflict flared up and by 1988 the Dutch Aviation Authority felt it had to withdraw the permission to operate: the airfield had to close!
The Aeroclub diverted to Asperden (Germany). In 1991 it took a judge to settle the rent issue. Flying returned to the airfield in 1993. 

At this time, Nistelrode is the only gliding club in Noord-Brabant that is publicly accessible. All the other gliding clubs are based on military infrastructure.

The airfield seen from the southeast in 2012 (Yourivw on wikipedia)