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51°45'11"N 004°27'19"E

Runway 01/19 - 730meter/...feet - grass

Airfield Numansdorp (Dutch: vliegveld Numansdorp, ICAO: EHND) was a private airfield on the northern edge of the village of Numansdorp, south of Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Numansdorp was an airstrip which had its first flight in 1967. It was intended solely for the use of cropdusting aircraft and in the late 20th-early 21st century it was mainly used by Polish contractors. Owned by Mr. Jan Bogaerds, it remained in regular use until 2005-2006 according to Han de Ridder. Han reported: "Modest air fetes were organised in the 1990s, when the owner of the airfield would invite cropdusters to show off their agility. Although it no longer appears to be in use and it's ICAO-code listing has disappeared from the records, it is still being maintained by the owner of the land."

As late as 2011, the province of Zuid-Holland officially (PDF, in Dutch) declared the terrain an airfield, allowing 120 starts a year. That same year a Dutch TV show used the airfield for a flight in a helicopter. Additionally, the airfield is used once a year by Rotterdam Football club Feyenoord to fly their new players to their stadium during their season opening event. It is also home to a parapente-club and occasionally used for events such as an agricultural show in 2014

Airfield map of Numansdorp (collection Han de Ridder).

Aerial view of airfield Numansdorp from the southwest (collection Han de Ridder).

Aerial view of airfield Numansdorp from the southeast showing a small helicopter on the 19 treshold (collection Han de Ridder).

Airstrip Numansdorp as it appears on Google Earth (2005)

Dutch TV host Harry Vermeegen took Feyenoord football player Lex Immers on a flight in a Bolkow Bo-105 from Numansdorp in 2011.

Many thanks to Han de Ridder for pointing out this airfield and to Jacco Bogaerds for updating the information!