Oldebroek (pre 1950)

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Updated on: 04 01 2021
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52°22'55"N 005°54'02"E

runway: 365x255 meter - Grass

Airfield Oldebroek (Dutch: vliegveld Oldebroek, also known as vliegveld 't Harde) was a small army airfield located in the forest south of the villages 't Harde and Oldebroek.
Originally, it was built before 1920 as an exercise forward airfield for artillery observer aircraft of the Royal Netherlands Army. Not much is known about this airfield before World War II, except that it was also used once (in 1927) by a KLM Fokker F.VVIIa (H-NADX) diverting for bad weather (source in Dutch).

Fokkers of the LVA (Luchtvaartafdeeling, or aviation branch) in front of their hangar in Oldebroek (Henk van Os via Coen van den Heuvel).

The airfield on a prewar map (Centraal Archieven Depot via Coen van den Heuvel)

This airfield was used until at least 1950 (Centraal Archieven Depot, via Coen van den Heuvel)


Today, the whole area is in use as a military exercise area. The actual airfield site is grown over with moor, scrubs and trees and cannot be recognised from its surroundings from the air.