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Oostvoorne air field (dutch: Vliegveld Oostvoorne) was an airfield on the coast of Holland, west of Rotterdam
The airfield was opened in 1930 by the chairman of the Rotterdam Aero Club, Mr. C. Kolff. Originally intended for golf players from Rotterdam (back then a two hour travel), the little airfield in the dunes soon attracted the attention of KLM and the Naval Flying Service. KLM believed it would make a good intermediate for their Rotterdam Waalhaven to Knokke service. 
The opening ceremony of the airfield proved to be a bit of a non-event. The weather caused a low turnout and a Fokker airliner decided not to land because of the wind, but instead flew back to Rotterdam. The drainage of the airfield also proved problematic, as did the wind directions from time to time. Often the field would appear to be flooded, resulting in the appearance of a small windmill driven pump at the southwest corner of the airfield.
The airfield expanded to the northwest in the spring of 1934. On 30 April work had progressed far enough for KLM pilot Aler to bring a heavy cargo aircraft to the airfield to test the new surface. He approved of the field and Oostvoorne gained permission to operate Koolhoven FK43 and Fokker F-VII.
In July 1936 KLM organised sight-seeig flights from the airfield. Both from a commercial and from a Public Relations viewpoint the flights were a success. Some older Oostvoorne people still owned their 'flight certificate' by the turn of the centruy.

Oostvoorne airfield in 1938 (via Peter van Kaathoven)

Ultimately it proved hard to exploit the airfield properly. Pilots kept complaining about the amount of water on the airfield. Requests to enlarge the airfield were ignored. In 1939 the dunes and the airfield were not sold to the Oostvoorne community, as agreed in 1934. Instead, it was sold to the Rotterdam Administration Fund. At their own request, the licence to operate was revoked as of 25 February 1939.

Oostvoorne saw aircraft one last time in 1940. On 10 May 1940, after heavy aerial battle with the Luftwaffe, 3 Fokker G1 fighter aircraft diverted to the old airfield, low on fuel. In spite of being camouflaged, the aircraft were discovered before new fuel arrived and shot on the ground. Their remains were carried away by farmers to an unknown destination.

Today, the former airfield is a nature conservation area. A local track is called Vliegveldpad (Airfield Path) in recognition of the old airfield.

Oostvoorne airfield in 2009 (Google Earth)