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41°29'30"N 015°47'30"E

landing ground - dimensions unk - dirt (?)

Palata airfield was a temporary landing ground some 13 km. east of Foggia.
It was mentioned in an allied report dated 11-1943 which gave its exact location. The report listed it as "Serviceable except immediately after heavy rain".
In its fairly short operational life the airfield of Palata hosted several air units of the It. Co-belligerent Air Force, RAF and SAAF.
ICAF units deployed at Palata airfield were:
- the 239° Squadriglia of 101° Gruppo,  of 5° Stormo Caccia flying RE-2002 "Ariete” aircraft in Jan 1944
- the 10° Gruppo of 4° Stormo Caccia
- the 20° Gruppo of 51° Stormo Caccia Terrestre flying Macchi MC202-205 aircraft from 8 Mar-29 to Apr. 1944

To Palata, the RAF deployed 241 Squadron. They moved to Madna by end of January and from there to Canne between February and April.

The S.A.A.F. deployed the following units:
- the 1st Squadron S.A.A.F. (Day fighters and ground attack) Oct. 1943 - Dec 1943
- 2nd Squadron S.A.A.F. (Fighter bombers) Oct. 1943 - Dec 1943
- 4th Squadron S.A.A.F. (Ground attack) Oct. 1943

Supermarine Spitfire Mark VCs of No. 2 Squadron SAAF based at Palata, Italy, flying in loose formation over the Adriatic Sea while on a bombing mission to the Sangro River battlefront ( © IWM (CNA 2103))

After the war, the area was returned to agricultural use and only aerial photography provides thin evidence of the use of the area as an airfield.