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43°30'15"N 003°24'50"E
runway: 11/29 - 700x60m - grass
Pezenas Nizas airfield (French: Aérodrome de Pezenas Nizas, ICAO: LFNP) was a small airfield 590 kilometers south of Paris.
The official opening was during 1963.
It served as a Genral Aviation airfield for the practice of leisure activities and tourism.

IGN photo of Pezenas airfield in 1968 (

1984 approach chart for Pezenas-Nizas airfield. (SIA, via Olivier)

2009 ground view (Google Streetview)

Very last flight around the airfield just before all aviation activity was stopped in 2013.

2017 aerial view, four years after the airfield was closed (Google Earth)

The airfield officialy closed on 31 October 2013. The main aeronautical activities had taken place by the Aéroclub de Pézenas-Nizas.
After the closure of the airfield, the flying club moved out to the airfield of Béziers, further south.

(researched by Olivier)