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42°14'33.8"N 20°43'14.3"E

Runway: -/- - 450x18m - Grass

Prizren airfield was an airfield located 58km in the south/west of Pristina.

There are no clearly visible traces of the old airfield. It appears that the airfield of Prizren was privatized and divided into various parcels. These parcels were separated and fenced; therefore, it is impossible to identify the airfield of Prizren.

2021 - aerial view aerial view of the approximate location of the old airfield. (Google Earth)

The airfield can no longer be used for aeronautical activities. Should there be a desire to revitalise the airfield, it should be identified and recovered from relevant documents. Following research, investments are required. There are no physical obstacles near the airfield that could make impossible to conduct potential aerial activities.

Information mainly from Civil Aviation Autority of Kosovo


(Research by Olivier)