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47°34'48.05"N 0°24'47.06"W

Runway: 07-25 1040m X 20m Bitumen

Soucelles airfield was a private airfield 250 kilometers southwest of Paris. ICAO: LF4925

The airfield was built in the 1960s by Mr. Claude Bremont, a local industrialist specializing in the sector of textile fiber preparation and spinning.

There is no important story about this airfield, it was just a private runway.


1966 - View of the runway in the middle of the forest. (Source:



1967 - A new taxiway is now visible. (Source:



1985 - A new hangar is made. (Source:



2016 - the airfield is still visible and still seems usable. (Source: google earth)

A PA31 Navajo was based on this terrain. 


In 2011, the property was sold. The new owner is not at all amateur of aviation and never used the track.

The runway is just a firebreak for firefighters in the middle of the forest.



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