St.Hubert Airport

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50°02'24"N 005°24'18"E

Runway: 05/23 - 600x190meters/1969x623feet - grass
Runway: 06/24 - 800x150meters/2625x492feet - grass

St-Hubert Airport (French: Aérodrome de Saint-Hubert, ICAO: EBSH) is the highest airport of Belgium (elevation 563meters/1,930feet).
It is located just off base from St Hubert Air Base and has been in existence since 1930. In 1958 it became home to the local aeroclub Aeroclub des Ardennes (english: Aeroclub of the Ardennes).

In 1992 the Belgian state transferred the airfield to the Walloon Region. Today the airport has 6 hangars, a contol tower, a meteo office and a restaurant. 6 different flying clubs (including the National Gliding Center CNVV), 30 gliders and 27 aircraft are now based at St Hubert.

StHubert Airport in 2009 (Google)

Image showing the proximity between StHubert Airport and StHubert reserve Air Base (Google)