Thorpe Audlin

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53°37'47"N 001°15'27"W

runway: 06/24 - 700x16m - grass

Thorpe Audlin airfield (also known as Walton Wood Airfield) is a small private airfield 250 kilometers north-northwest of London.
Since 2002 it has been the base of Aero Maintenance Limited (AML), but aerial photography (Google Earth) proves it existed already in 1999. The airfield has a short and rather bumpy grass runway with a public walking path crossing it at about one third length. Immediately next to the walking path a metal hangar is located.
AML uses a larger and more modern hangar on the east side of the airfield.
The airfield is unlicenced and strictly PPR.

Walton Wood in 2009 (Google Earth).

The hangar immediately next to the runway and the walking path in August 2011 (Flickr).