Torslanda Goteborgs

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57°42'30"N 11°46'40"E

Runways (approx.):
14/32 1900m X 40m asphalt
04/22 2200m X 40m asphalt
09/27 1000m X 40m asphalt

Torslanda airport ( Swedish: Torslanda Flygplats or Torslanda Flygfält , ICAO: ESGB ) was an airfield near Goteborg, 400 kilometers southwest of Stockholm.
Along with the opening of the International Aviation Exhibition in Gothenburg, Crown Prince Gustav Adolf inaugurated Gothenburg Airport on August 4, 1923.

The airport in the 20's (

Plans for what was to become Gothenburg airport were drawn up in 1921. They provided for an area reserved for seaplanes, a specific circular area for the attachment of seaplanes and mooring of airships, as well as take-off and landing areas for land planes. Eventually, the development plan was for a classic triangle airfield for land planes directly adjacent to a seaplane port.

Terminal in the late 1930s (unknown origin).

By 1950, the 1938-built terminal had been improved several times (

Aerial view of the airfield in the 1970s (courtesy of E.Muller).

A Douglas C-47A, Swedish Air Force designation Tp 79, at Torslanda airport in 1973 (Wikipedia)

(former website

After 54 years, Gothenburg got a new airport in 1977: Hisingen airport. Torslanda airport was closed to all traffic in 1979 and it was not until the 1990s that a plane landed again on the cracked runways of Torslanda.

Torslanda in 2002. The airport is slowly disappearing. Today, a golf course largely covers the old airport. However, a piece of the runway remains visible. (Google earth)

A 2014 video from rymdskrotet's youtube channel


Thanks to Per Jelkne to pointing out this airfield.

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