After an original idea by Paul Freeman.

First published 7 Nov 2010. This collection of airfields is © 2010 - 2024


Some years ago I discovered a website dedicated to abandoned and little known airfields in the United States. Searching the web I discovered there was nothing like that about European airfields, although you would think that two World Wars and the Cold War would have left some mark on our continent. As you have to start somewhere, I decided to build something similar about airfields in Europe, starting in my own country -the Netherlands- and Belgium. From there I soon expanded into the rest of Europe. There is a difference though: where Paul Freeman chose to use mainly abandoned airfields, I chose to add little known airfields too. Since I began this project in 2010, I've noticed more and more documentation about forgotten airfields has become available on line. I've also found that many people share my interest. If you want to contribute with information about an airfield in your area, do not hesitate to contact me. Contact links to me are available throughout this website. This is a work in progress. I do not in any way pretend to have the full picture.
Ronald V. (NL)