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Carl Hickling  15-05-2021
From: USA
My Dad was stationed At Burtonwood from 1948 till 1952. He met and married my Mom in 1951. They were transferred to New York in 1952 while pregnant with me.
Nick Del Prete  22-03-2021
From: United States
I was stationed at Fontenet Ordnance Depot, Fontenet, France 1956/1959. Fond memories of St. Jean d'Angely also. Was sent to Lebanon in 1958. I have photos of the bombed buildings on base.
Colin Soder  15-03-2021
From: United States
I found the documentary Thunderbolt on Amazon prime I wanted to find out more information about Alto airfield. Your website's fantastic. Thanks so much for making all the information available.
Jim Taylor  05-03-2021
From: United Kingdom
This is a wonderful job you are doing and serves as a fantastic source of interesting material for further research. Keep up this fascinating account of your area's involvement in protecting our country during those very dark years of WW11. Every best wishes.
Wm. Rusty Crozier  04-03-2021
From: Canada
It was a privilege to see Marville, where I was born in 1955! Thanks for this site... there are a lot of people who will love this!
Babette  16-02-2021
From: UK
What a great website . I couldn't believe I found the tiny airport where my grandfather worked in Quakenbruck Germany. So great to see the map . I will visit next time thanks to your great map. Keep going with the great website and great find for me. Thank you .
Xavier  30-12-2020
From: France
Fantastic website, researching on 366th FS and capt Austin P-47 KIA on 4th July 1944, thx a lot for the great work !
David  11-11-2020
From: US
This is a uniquely fascinating site. My father, James C Dudley, 460 BG 760 BS, was a navigator aboard B24s flying out of Spinazzola, Italy in 1945. Between 5 Feb and 24 Apr of that year he flew 27 missions before returning to the US in June 1945. Thank you for a look into his past.
Ben  27-10-2020
From: Germany
Beautiful made, with a lot of information. I always check for new added airfields. Please keep on growing this homepage.
Patti Williams  21-10-2020
From: United States
My father, Gerald Martin, was in the 301st BG 352nd BS and flew out of Lucera. Enjoyed your website.
Chris  28-09-2020
From: Huddersfield, England
This is a very interesting site. During 1960 I was stationed in Germany with the British Army at 2 locations built on former Luftwaffe airfields. The first was Loddenheide/Munster and the second was Fliegerhorst/Detmold. Also when I had the time I visited many former WW2 Lufwaffe airfields such as Handorf, Achmer, Rheine, Vorden, Alhorn and many more. Being in the Military made me less suspicious!!
Kristy Shubert-North  09-09-2020
From: USA
My dad was stationed at Dreux AFB and I was born there in 1959. Would love to see photos but I'm not sure it's still standing.
Donald  02-05-2020
From: United States
My dad flew B-17 bombers out of Sterparone Airfield in Italy during WWII. Very exciting to see photos of the planes and airfield. Awesome website. Discovered this by accident. Thank you very much.
AndrĂ© Bödecker  23-03-2020
From: Germany
Thank you for this highly interesting website! As an inhabitant of Northern Germany it is very fascinating for me to search for the numerous airfield remains around me! Keep it up!
Christopher Miller  31-01-2020
From: United States
My Dad (Alan Ray Miller) was stationed at Toul-Rosieres from 1958 - October 1963. I was born at the base hospital May 23, 1963. Movedback to Wellingborough UK, then off to Hof Germany.
David King  22-10-2019
From: United Kingdom
My father was a sargeant in the USAF and stationed at RAF Sturgate, Lincolnshire In the late 1950's until the station closed in early 1960's. Reading this brought back fond memories of seeing him there. Thank you.
sheila anderson  09-07-2019
From: United Kingdom
my father was a young lad and used to visit the guys at attlebridge norfolk ..he often has told us of the kind us airmen who used to give him chocolate and rides in their jeeps
Jeff Brown  13-01-2019
From: USA
My father was shot down and taken POW shortly after bombing this air field with the 451st bomb group on 8/23/44. I was not aware that it was being used for aircraft production. Thank you for the info.
C.H"Sonny" Carwile  11-02-2018
From: USA
Bring back many memories. I was stationed at Toul with the USAF from September 1955 until August 1958. Remember well General Ascani and Gen. Check Yeager who were also stationed there during this time as Wing Cmder and Squadron Commander
Craig Singleton  24-10-2017
From: UK
Hello Ronald. What an excellent web site, informative and educational while remaining interesting. I designed and ran the RAF Carnage site from 2010 until June this year and it will be back online as part of another website later this year. I thought I'd let you know that someone has purchased the old website (that you have links to) and is now running a clothing web site on that address. It might be worth taking the links off until I get the new URL up and running. Again, congratulations on a great site. Kind regards Craig Singleton (formerly