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stuart kerr  26-12-2014
From: United States
Was stationed there from 82-85. a lot of great memories. Thanks for the weeb sight
Arvel  12-12-2014
From: United States
Great site. I had always wondered about the histories of some of the places I had been stationed at in Germany. Boblingen, Nellingen, Goppingen, and of course Tempelhoff, though that is already quite documented, lol. Many thanks
trimo  08-11-2014
From: Germany
Cool site. 2 of these airfields are in my neighbourhood. Now I had to visit them. Greetings from Soth Bavaria
Piti Spotter Club Verona  17-10-2014
From: Italy
Very interesting site! Great job!
Clarky  19-08-2014
From: United Kingdom
Fantastic wee site. I operate commercially in N. Scotland and find the content very interesting. Well Done!!
ulm Romilly  25-07-2014
From: Romilly sur seine
Belles photos anciennes de l'aérodrome de Romilly, fermé aujourd'hui. Ne restent plus que les ULM avec une plateforme sur l'ancienne piste. Bravo pour le site.
URJ  24-06-2014
From: Sweden
Have been studing Google Earth pictures of Römö Island in south west Denmark. In the middle of the island it looks to be some rest of an airfield, including some sort of shelters, II WW? Anyone how knews anything about it? WBR UR
Yurich  12-04-2014
From: Portugal/India
Nice going. (
graham  19-02-2014
From: uk
Lovely site, well researched and a memorial to all those who served. I hope this keeps their memory alive. There is also something so poignant about decay and abandonment of what where once such vital and active places. All those fears and hopes resident there now being scattered ever more elusively on the winds of history.
Brian Hadden  13-01-2014
From: United Kingdom
Brilliant site. I was stationed at Hal Far, 728 SQDN, 1961-1963. I also live in East Anglia UK where there are many abandoned airfields. Your site enables me to delve into their histories and relive my Malta days. Nice one guys.
William  19-11-2013
From: England
Excellent resource ~ Bookmarked and added to Links!
BoffinBill  15-11-2013
From: USA
Superb site! I refer to your site often as I research the locations of Airship/Zeppelin photos. My findings are posted at (if it is OK to post a link!)
Tom  20-07-2013
From: USA
Great site. Looking at bases I knew brings back many memories. Was stationed in France 1958-1962.
Ronald Parée  19-06-2013
From: Finland
He Guys, Nice site, great job done so far! Rgds
mafiu  17-06-2013
From: Poland
Wow, It's one of the most interesting sites I've recently discovered on the internet. Great job.
Edi Eusebi  09-05-2013
From: Mondolfo, ITALY
Beautiful and interesting site, congratulations!
Hexa67 Olivier  30-12-2012
From: France
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